About Us

How we started

Fragrance is personal, and we believe that you should have the best opportunity to discover scents that work for you. Scent has a lot of influence, it awakens desires, arouses feelings and most importantly, revives memories.

Our aim is to contribute to a world where people wander and stay curious by building a community of fragrance lovers powered by the excitement of discovering the new. This discovery can be difficult, especially when there are over 1000 new fragrances launched each year and no means to test them. Perfume concession stands in stores are getting noticeably smaller and most retail now is done online. SimpleScents was born out of the frustration of not being able to sample these fragrances without committing to the full bottle. So we asked ourselves, how do we help people continue to discover these new scents without breaking the bank?

This is how our perfume discovery service was born.

Why should you subscribe?

SimpleScents is Ireland's first premium designer fragrance subscription service! We provide you with an opportunity to test, discover, and explore a new brand name fragrance every month, all from the comfort of your couch. We provide monthly supplies of your chosen designer scents, so you can wear a different scent for every style, mood, and occasion.