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Pear Orange

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  • female Female


  • celebration Party
  • sports_handball Casual
  • computer Office
  • favorite Date


  • fireplace Winter
  • emoji_nature Spring
  • eco Autumn

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum is a warm and fruity fragrance.

It is the epitome of elegance and allure, encapsulated in a single bottle. This enchanting perfume melds floral and fruity notes, which are made warm by a toffee undertone, beckoning you into a tantalizing dance of seduction. Defined as a fruity chypre fragrance, it's crafted for the contemporary, empowered woman. Versatile in essence, it's perfect for both daily wear and those unforgettable special moments.

Fragrance Composition: From the very first inhalation, the enigmatic elements that craft this captivating scent come to the fore. It opens with the luscious sweetness of Italian orange and pear nectar, which gracefully gives way to the rare allure of tiger orchid. This olfactory journey culminates in a harmonious blend of rich caramel and Indonesian patchouli.

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4 Ratings, 4 Reviews

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  • 😁
    By Dalia Jaskuteliene on Mar 13, 2024 Very nice scene well balanced notes and scene holding long time
  • 🙁
    By Maebh Collins on Mar 10, 2024 Just a bit too sweet for me.
  • 😁
    By Caroline O Shaughnessy on Feb 11, 2024 Loved this scent, light and not too floral,
  • 🙂
    By Maria Walsh on Nov 23, 2023 Deliciously sweet and a bit creamy with an earthy/spicy undernote. Lovely warm sensual scent perfect for colder weather 😊
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